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Steps fauna: design considerations, monitoring and control

Jose Ignacio Pardo de Santayana
President of the Santillana Zoo Foundation

Wildlife passages are important and necessary works for the security and viability of wild species. Given the variety of wildlife (from insects to large mammals) and their distribution according to the biotope in which they live, each change of biotope that a future road will go through different fauna and therefore different problems to solve.

Threatened or endangered species must be no skimping preserve any means. Still, we must not forget those little animals that be a rest on the asphalt pavement is the only proof of his death. In addition, these beings are the most numerous and the fact that not appreciated by the naked eye by a layman does not exempt the designer and the environmental impact of their responsibility.

We must study more and better life on both sides of the track, to preserve more and more the danger it represents for vehicle traffic.

Wildlife crossings, Fauna, Endangered species, Mammal, Amphibian, Habitat fragmentation, Conservation, Traffic, Design.

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