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Experiences in performing semi-firm and evenness

Fernando Pedrazo Majarrez
Head of Area Planning, Projects and Works
Demarcation of State Highways in Extremadura
Highways Agency. Ministry of Development

The use of layers of cement-treated materials has been carried out in the works of the Demarcation of State Highways in Extremadura very parallel to its introduction and development by the technical regulations.

The result of these first experiences was taking almost systematically treatments with cement layers firm in the most recent actions undertaken: the Plate highway (A-66) and Railcar Trujillo-Cáceres (A-58).

This article discusses the framework of these works is presented, later describing the procedures for implementing the stabilization and soil-cement units, providing control results of some of the works most recent execution.

He is also a specific section to the results achieved with the IRI, discussing strategies for improvement.

This information can reach some conclusions of practical and methodological finally relate and contribute to deepen the knowledge of the firm RIB.

Sign semi-rigid, Cement, Concourse, Concourse stabilized soil cement, evenness, IRI.

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