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Evaluation procedures to analyze the durability of the porous surface layer mixes

Graduate student. Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University (USA). Civil Engineering Department
University of Magdalena. Santa Marta (Colombia)

Associate professor. Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University (USA)

Research Engineer
Texas Transportation Institute (USA)

Richard IZZO
Flexible Pavements Engineer. Section of materials and pavements
Construction Division. Texas Department of Transportation (USA)

The durability of the draining or porous mixtures (PFC) is an important aspect to be taken into account in the design of this type of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Currently, various authorities handle the design of these mixtures based primarily on the determination of the bulk properties of the mixture. While this approach ensures proper functionality of the mixture does not guarantee its durability.

This study evaluates three tests (the Cántabro wear loss test [Cántabro], the essay "Hamburg Wheel Tracking" [HWTT], and the "Overlay" [OT] trial) regarded as possible procedures for evaluating PFC durability. The evaluation is based on a laboratory program including two mixing systems formed with two different binders (Grade 76-22 Behavior [PG] and modified bitumen with crumb rubber [AR]), with their corresponding particle sizes and compositions. Additionally, it includes a comparison of the behavior of the mixtures manufactured. the Cántabro test is recommended, due to reduced variability when compared to the results obtained for the HWTT and OT, as an analysis tool to select the combination of materials to include in the execution of more advanced tests for the selection of the optimum content binder (OAC).

Bituminous mixture, Binder, Bitumen, Porous mixture, Draining mixture, Rubber, Wearing course, Cántabro test.

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