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Water permeable pavers concrete. durable structures for an integrated water policy

Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC, Belgium)

L. Vijverman

The water permeable pavers are a durable and ecological solution to prevent runoff, minimize the risk of flooding and increase the efficiency of water purification.

Applying water permeable paving stones on a base and / or permeable subbase allows laminar rainwater entering the firm and infiltrating or the delayed output of the outflow to the ground or the infiltration system.

This paper presents the results of a research project, carried out in the BRRC over 4 years. The effectiveness of lamination and water infiltration in relation to the choice of material is investigated in the laboratory, in a staging area in a parking lot and in situ. To allow proper choice of materials and the application site and control site efficiency, different test methods are optimized. the results that cast different types of concrete pavers (permeable pavers, cobbles together flared or drainage holes) and the different types of layers of sand leveling and grouting materials are investigated.

Finally, this paper focuses on various applications in Belgium, where measurements have shown good performance of the firm and a long duration of patency. data that shed newly constructed projects are presented, as well as those who have been in service for more than eight years.

Concrete Paver, Firm, water permeable structure, permeable concrete paving, Test Method permeability.

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