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safe treads for porous concrete roads

George Vorobieff
Head to Head International (Australia)

Retired and previously employed by the
Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW (Australia)

The use of surface layers made of porous asphalt mix in road pavements is established technology but the opportunities to use a similar type of cement-based surface have been limited by technology and materials costs. Research work in Australia using additives for concrete and techniques laying of new generation has allowed the development of a permeable concrete that is expected to meet the same requirements of duration than the standard concrete used for roads.

The porous surface textures absorb noise emissions from vehicles and minimize water film is formed during the rains, thus resulting in quieter conditions and safe driving. Also, experience has shown that a high content of pores on the surface helps reduce the generation of splashing water and reflection shine.

This document details the results of laboratory tests with the mix design and test three sections in which techniques have been used in manual work start to define the limits of the construction process wet on wet. The concrete developed in tests has a high compressive strength with air pores ranging from 20 and 30 percent.

The next stage in the development of concrete surfaces porous is the use of techniques set in machined work to make the process competitive in terms of cost relative to other alternatives bituminous mixture and that, nevertheless, meet a duration similar requirements regarding currently waiting surfaces concrete roads over a period of years 40 design.

Concrete, porous concrete, permeable concrete layer rolling, porous Rolling, Road safety, Noise.

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