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Behavior of concrete mixtures mixed with a thin upper floor concrete reinforcement ( "Ultra-Thin whitetopping")

Amanda C. Bordelon
Member of ISCP;
Graduate research assistant at the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign (USA)

Jeffery R. Roesler
Member of ISCP
Associate Professor at the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign (USA) 

The thin upper concrete reinforcement ( "Ultra-Thin Whitetopping" UTW) is an alternative option for pavement rehabilitation versus reinforcement by bituminous mixtures. Typically the UTW is a concrete coating whose thickness is less than 5 inch is placed on a deteriorated asphalt pavement. A research project was recently completed to refine the current UTW design methods and develop new recommendations for improved performance of UTW.

As part of this project, a laboratory study investigated various effects of the concrete mix on UTW performance. seven different mix designs water-cement, cement content, fiber reinforcements and two types of coarse aggregates were studied. a mixed (concrete placed on an existing asphalt mix beam) in the laboratory to predict the behavior of the composite beam section was tested. For testing dimensional small scale trial, the results were not as spectacular as expected between the different concrete mixes. However, the fiber reinforcement, which increased the breaking strength of the concrete, showed an improvement in the load bearing capacity after initial cracking.

The design of the concrete mix itself was not the only indicator UTW performance. Concrete mixtures can fracture resistance increased as fast than normal strength concrete if the UTW loses grip. It is recommended that structural fibers are added to concrete to extend the life of the rehabilitated pavement, especially in the presence of cracks in the asphalt mix existing and potential disunity.

Concrete, Thin layer, Reinforcement, Concrete slab, Mixed Firm, structural fiber, Rehabilitation.

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