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Properties for firm concrete aggregates made of steel

Professor, Cleveland State University (USA)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor, Cleveland State University (USA)

Student, Cleveland State University (USA)

Ashish PATEL
Student, Cleveland State University (USA)

In 2006, 8,6 occurred million tons of steel slag in the United States. Although the steel slag is used today as firm of aggregate in hot mix asphalt, this paper explores the possibility of using this product as a substitute industry both fine aggregate and coarse aggregate in conventional concrete mixes.

The first phase of this study examined the effects on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete of replacing a percentage of the volume of both fine aggregate and coarse aggregate by the steel slag available in the Northeastern Ohio area. The basis for comparison was the concrete mix to firm C Class, option 1 the Ohio Department of Transportation. During this program three types of steel slag were used. The manufacturer / supplier had aged and tested the expansiveness of the slag as required by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

They were studied according to the guidelines of ASTM docility properties of fresh concrete, air content and density and compressive strength and tensile strength of hardened concrete. This preliminary research shows you can meet the specifications required by the Ohio Department of Transportation. It is running an in-depth to prevent deterioration of the finished pavement.

Concrete, steel slag, Barren, fresh concrete, cured concrete, fine aggregate.

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