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The continuously reinforced concrete pavement in the Mediterranean motorway, A-7

Delegate in Andalusia
Ginprosa Engineering, SL

Current pavements have a short shelf life and in many cases high maintenance costs. Durability problems usually come firm failures caused by resistance and the consequent deformation. These problems stem in others such as loss of tightness of the contraction joints (concrete) or the incursion of water in the subbase of the firm. In most cases they require costly repairs and routine maintenance.


They are therefore very sensitive to tensile strength (brittle fracture), the variation of stiffness of the subbase (CBR), the amount of contraction joints and the water passing through them that impairs the base It supports them.

Continuous pavements reinforced concrete, intended to offer the market a new alternative in the use of comfortable concrete pavements with very few contraction joints, where possible, to design action (loads, shrinkage and temperature changes) , provide strength and control cracking as in any other reinforced concrete structure, and whose advantages are safety, cost, and compatibility with an existing pavement of asphalt mix or concrete in poor condition (does not require disposal).

From the point of view of sustainability itself, methodologies cost analysis life cycle is already configured in the most advanced countries as powerful tools in selecting the type of firm, trying to minimize pollutant emissions and optimizing energy consumption in each of the stages of construction and subsequent operation of the infrastructure.

This article aims to briefly describe the experience in the section of Adra Link-Albuñol variant of the Mediterranean motorway A-7 of this type of firm.

Concrete, continuously reinforced concrete pavement concrete, rigid Firm, life-cycle assessment, continuous reinforced concrete pavement (PCHA).

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