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Transport and climate change in Spain: problems and prospects

Andrés Monzón de Cáceres
Professor of Transport
Director, Center for Transportation Research (TRANSyT)
Polytechnic University of Madrid

Pedro José Pérez-Martínez
researcher Doctor, TRANSyT
Polytechnic University of Madrid

In this study the evolution of the transport sector indicators and comparison with the whole of the European Union is analyzed. It highlights the weaknesses of the sector in Spain: more growth in emissions of travelers and goods double growth in the EU.

This scenario is due to an inefficient modal distribution: grow less efficient modes. Improvements in energy efficiency achieved with technological improvements in fuels and engines, are offset by the increased power routes and vehicles. the results are presented to determine the evolution of consumption over the past 15 years. These data allow to identify problems to define guidelines for correcting the current negative trend.

Finally they show how various measures may help reduce road transport emissions in Spain in a long-term average. The measures are related to the proposals of the Spanish Energy Efficiency Strategy - E4.

Transport, road transport, Emission, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas GHG, energy efficiency.

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