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The Caminería, a new Spanish discipline

President of the International Association of Caminería
Research Professor of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

The commemoration of Santo Domingo de la Calzada is also a Roman road, and therefore is a theme of "Hispanic Caminería" new discipline in which the elements of the way, walkers and their environment are added. The main feature of this new concept of Caminería is the role of the communication channels on other components of history, which often prefers to focus their attention on other issues, both political and social. This role of the road is a special attention to the cartographic funds.

Once defined the term Hispanic Caminería, the text continues magazine in its different sections to archeology and its relation to Caminería, the Roman roads, real roads and its evolution to the present day, urban settlements as a way of departure of the roads, to cartography and its special impact on Caminería, to literary itineraries like Don Quixote, Hernando Colon and his Cosmography, the military routes, the route to the Indies, to place names in the roads, the Camino de Santiago, and the International Congresses on Hispanic Caminería (June 2010 is scheduled the tenth in Madrid).

Keywords: Roads, Roads Hispanic, Roman Road, Causeway, Camino de Santiago, Archaeology, Cartography, Road.

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