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The renovation of the First Generation Motorway: A Critical Analysis (a)

Christian de la Calle Otero
Eduardo Gómez García
Alvaro Gutiérrez González
Javier Menendez Sanchez
Jose David Rodriguez Recalde
Carlos Gutierrez Mendieta
Fernando Cabero Colín

For more than three years, the Ministry of Public Works is involved in taking forward one of its most ambitious projects in the field of road engineering. It is the management plan Motorways First Generation, whereby outdated and unsafe radial highways that have per kilometer 0 Puerta del Sol de Madrid will be modernized.

In this article, prepared by students of the subject of Transport Economics School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports of Madrid, has made a critical analysis of the financing system, bidding and shadow toll, by which he has implemented the said plan. The article is structured as general to the particular.

First, the process of development, construction and validity of the first generation highways (the roads to be modified), and its membership of the General Plan Highway 1984 / 91 is scrolled. These roads do not meet the standards currently required, and its shortcomings will be mentioned. Subsequently the bases of various financing systems for the provision of roads, deepening the shadow toll concessions are described. existing similar cases will be analyzed both in Spain and abroad; as well as details of the concession contracts signed between companies and government. Finally, it has plumbed the qualified opinion of the people who star in this action: entrepreneurs, government officials and experts have helped us to have a complete and plural view of the situation and its causes.

Keywords: Financing, public-private participation, First-generation highway, Concession, Shadow toll, Motorway, Highway, Planning, Construction, Indicators.

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