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Bituminous mixtures at low temperatures: cold mixes, temperate and semi-hot

Alberto Bardesi

Jose Antonio SOTO

Rarely has a technique related to asphalt mixes has aroused much interest in recent years as mixtures at low temperatures and the main reason is the awareness that is being experienced for compliance with the Kyoto Protocol in reducing emissions in all the industries.

The issues raised global climate change, emissions of CO2, Alternative energies to the possible decline of reserves of fossil fuels have made from the different actors involved in the construction and maintenance of roads are taking steps to ensure that this industry is least harmful to the environment, leading to the same time a reduction in energy consumption.

This awareness has led manufacturers of asphalt mixtures, road administrations and manufacturers of bituminous binders to recommend and tune a number of products and manufacturing techniques with which we can work asphalt mixtures at temperatures, more lower than conventional, unthinkable a few years ago.

We will see throughout the article the various methods, some very old but again are gaining momentum, as techniques with bituminous emulsion for cold mixes, temperate, or semi-hot mixtures with got bitumen, either additive thereof, or modification of the manufacturing processes, in this case an indirect foaming is achieved.

The use of zeolites is another way that allows us to work at temperatures lower than usual to occur during foaming wrapped.

The importance of these techniques gives us idea sparked interest in the last Eurobitume where a whole day was the center of these technologies.

Bituminous mixture; Mix asphalt; Mix warm; Semi-hot mixture; Mix at low temperature; CO emission2 ; Environment; Temperature; Recycling; Foaming.

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