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R + D + i a challenge for companies

Director of R + D + i Eiffage Infrastructure (28052 Madrid)

Many is the information published in relation to the technological level of Spanish companies indicating that it is inferior to that in the international context, for this reason are many initiatives by public bodies and administrations are being developed to alleviate this deficiency .

To combat this situation constantly come companies news about the need for development of R + D + i, explaining the importance and the possibilities and benefits it can bring. All this information is, a priori, be assimilated complicated if you do not have a strategy and an organizational structure that is committed to its development and implementation.

Through this article is to present the overview that currently exists for the development of R + D + i and a presentation of how to assimilate and develop within an enterprise implementation.

Keywords: R + D + i, Technological Development Project, Investment, Innovation.

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