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Bituminous mixtures airport conforming to European standards

Department Head Country Flooring Flights
Infrastructures address. AENA (28042 Madrid)


The article begins by highlighting the origin of the spindles used in the continuous particle sizes MBA typified by Aena for use in airport pavements. In the graphs the grain size of the aggregates of mixtures of Aena with mixtures of the American FAA equal maximum sizes of aggregate described in Article P-401 "Hot mix asphalt" from his PPT to work in airports overlap, there is an almost total coincidence.

The text lists the new names according to EN-13108 of the five types of MBA employed by Aena airport pavements:

• AC 3 group ( "Asphalt concrete") (Bituminous concrete) defined in EN-13108-1;

• 1 the BBTM group ( "Betons bitumineux très minces") (Bituminous Concrete for very thin layers); Y

• 1 AM ( "Stone mastic asphalt") (Mixtures of aggregates and asphalt mastic) group.

also including their most important characteristics.

Finally comes the requirements imposed on airport MBA in surface texture and skid resistance.

Keywords: asphalt mix asphalt concrete mixes discontinuous thin layers, Barren, mastic asphalt, bitumen, modified bitumen, Polymers, Fibres.

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