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Project embankments by in situ tests: prediction and observations

M. Arroyo
Department of Geotechnical Engineering
Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) (Barcelona 8820)

T. Mateos
Iberinsa (Madrid)

 L. Baró
Typsa (Barcelona)

The expansion of the airport of Barcelona in the Prat de Llobregat has required modifying the main access roads to it. The new route said large embankments to be used as both preload to the final construction of the access roads. Therefore, during the drafting of the project (by Iberinsa) it was necessary to predict the induced embankments with some precision seat.

The calculation method, developed specifically for this project, was based primarily on the results of in situ tests. Thus, DMT trials were basic to predict the final magnitude of the seats, while the results of the tests were CPTu to predict temporal development. The ramparts were implemented for control work. Recorded instrumentation development seat during construction, both in magnitude and in time. the results of two representative cases are shown here and compared with predictions in draft form.

Keywords: CPTu, DMT, Seat, deformability, stiffness, deltaic sediments, Embankments.

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