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Indicators for evaluating the impacts generated by interventions in transport systems

Jessie Madrazo BACALLAO
Higher Polytechnic Institute "Jose Antonio Echeverria". CUJAE.
(19390, Havana, Cuba)

Higher Polytechnic Institute "Jose Antonio Echeverria". CUJAE.
(19390, Havana, Cuba)

The objective of the analysis of transport systems is predicting flow changes as a result of changes in transportation options that may generate impacts materialized irritating noise, stress, polluted air, violent and large cracks in the social fabric deaths.

The assessment of these impacts is vital in decision-making, for what is necessary to implement the variables that describe and define the indicators that characterize these variables, establishing indicators a number, a classification or a set of elements that serve basis for the description, evaluation and quantification of the impact caused.

In developing this work indicators are proposed, a procedure that the precise form of use thereof and validated with its application in a case study states.

Keywords: Transport, Indicator, Impact, Accident, Traffic, Road safety, Congestion, Noise, Air Quality.

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