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Network scenic roads in Cantabria

Antonino Garcia of Puente
Director Labour
Ministry of Public Works, Planning, Housing and Urban Development
Highways, Roads and Works. Government of Cantabria

Alberto Valle Alvarez
Technical coordinator
Mountain engineer. Integrated Environmental Services (39005 Santander)

Fernando Ansola Palace
technical Participant
Graduate in Environmental Science

Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry
ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports. University of Cantabria

Since July 2.008, Cantabria has developed a line of action on landscape.
The aim of this work is to have an application that facilitates the management of the landscape taking as reference the roads.
For more than a year, a technical team, has traveled kilometers to cover 29.000 5.250 kilometers of regional and national roads in Cantabria, in both directions.

78 have been identified landscape units have been designed different software for data collection "in situ". It has generated a georeferenced digital archive of photographs taken 95.753 90º (each 5 seconds) from the car. Have invested more than 5.000 working hours of staff for processing, debugging information.

It has generated a collection of 62 plans covering the entire scale Cantabria 1: 25.000 based GIS application where 78 6.757 landscape units and sectors are identified.

Keywords: Landscaping Unit, File of forms, Series of georeferenced points, Cutting point, Landscape, Environment, Cantabria.

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