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Behavior of asphalt made from used tires firm (PNFU

Julio Lopez Ayerra
Joseph Simon Grau
Ernesto Muñoz Ibanez

The aim of this article is to describe the advantages that would have the use of crumb rubber out of use (PNFU) in the manufacture of bituminous mixtures for firm tread in relation to road safety and the environment; This has been divided into two groups experimental studies:


• prestacional feasibility of reusing PNFU in manufacturing firm in hot asphalt mixtures by prestacionales and mechanical tests.

• Evaluation of noise pollution by tests measuring noise levels generated by the road surface.

Road safety:

• Colorimetric study on the evolution of the color (black shade) from the surface of the firm made "in situ" and assessing the contrast with the horizontal road markings.

• Behavior firm with PNFU regarding skid resistance.

Keywords: , Modified bitumen, crumb rubber, Waste, Road safety, Noise, Environment, microsurfacing, color black, slip resistance asphalt mix.

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