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Concrete for roads with recycled aggregates

Gustavo Luis Bolla
Patricia Viviana Lopez)
Susana Rosa Facendini

Currently, for rehabilitation and construction of roads it is essential to minimize the energy costs generated by the exploitation of materials and transportation and reduce environmental impact. One way is the use of RCD (construction waste and demolition) in new works.

This paper presents a comparative study between a conventional concrete and concrete made with different proportions of recycled coarse aggregate was made, from the demolition of collapsed rigid pavements, to be applied to road construction. The other components of concrete were of commercial origin, elaborating the various concrete mixtures with identical techniques.

volumes of waste generated in the demolition phase, primary, subsequently playing a laboratory scale process for sorting, crushing, sieving and collecting the granular material suitable for reuse were determined.

the physical and mechanical characteristics of the component materials were analyzed. provided concretes with different proportions of recycled aggregate were prepared, and the unconfined compressive strength, the flexural strength and tensile strength by diametral compression is studied comparatively analyzing the results statistically.

Keywords: Concrete, pavement, RCD, Added recycling, Waste demolition, Barren recycled, rigid pavement, Environment.

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