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Anti-fracture membrane system with geocomposite, an evaluation methodology

Gerardo Botasso
Luis Ricci
Enrique Fensel
Luis Delbono
Julian Rivera
Vials LEMaC Research Center
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Facultad Regional La Plata
(1900, La Plata, Argentina)

Cracks in rigid pavements can be caused by several reasons. They constitute planes where the transmitted effort is zero, and together with expansion joints or construction plans are real discontinuity in the surface layer.

One of the main shortcomings of repairs in rigid pavements, is a reflection of existing cracks or joints in the concrete layer is placed asphalt mixture reinforcement.

The SAMI ( "Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer"), act locally rerouting the rising of aged pavement cracks and allow to absorb some of the energy propagation. In any of its types it seeks to achieve interfaseviscoelástica and waterproof.

This work consists in evaluating a geocompuesto used as SAMI by "crack reflection model with Wheel Tracking Test" and "Bond Rating trial with LCB" (Laboratorio de Caminos de Barcelona).

Keywords: SAMI, Geosynthetic, reflects Fissure Concrete Layer rolling, rigid pavement, Conservation, Tennis laboratory.

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