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Environmental recommendations for road performances of the Basque Country

Responsible for Infrastructure
Department of Housing, Transport and Public Works of the Basque Government
Transport Infrastructure Management (01010, Vitoria-Gasteiz)

The road performances in the implementation phase and exploitation, that is, the presence of roads and their traffic in the environment, causing alterations in certain values ​​that may not be desirable. It is therefore necessary to promote environmental integration of roads, assuming environmental objectives as an additional criterion in decisions from the time of the planning of actions.

This approach must remain in the later stages of design, construction and operation, using tools that procedures and knowledge gives us. From this perspective, corrective measures should be considered at every level of decision as a partial solution to improve the relationship of the road and the environment, to adopt if it has not been possible to apply environmental criteria in previous phases. These guidelines have led the development of environmental guidelines for road performances of the Basque Country.

Keywords: Planning, Evaluation, Environmental, Impact, Environment, Operation, Construction, Corrective Action, Preventive measure.

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