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Towards a framework of standard communication protocols for intelligent transport systems

Ildefonso Martín-Arroyo Junquero
Responsible for development of control systems
Telvent (08030 Barcelona)

Juan López Torrent
technological expert
Telvent (41018 Sevilla)

NTCIP ( "National Transportation Communicationsfor ITS Protocol") was born to solve the problems of non-standardization of protocols among countries and their design began focusing primarily on communications between control centers and traffic controllers. Subsequently, the FHWA ( "Federal Highway Administration") encouraged the extension of the protocol to include communications between traffic control centers themselves and also added new types of field devices, such as CCTV, PMV, etc.

After analyzing the fundamentals of NTCIP set of rules, the article focuses on the possibility of applying the set of protocols NTCIP management systems Spanish traffic.

Keywords: Transport, Communication, NTCIP, Communication protocol, Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Variable Message Panel (PMV), Television Camera (CCTV) Control Center.

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