dynamic characterization and numerical simulation of a granular material untreated

Hugo Alexander Rondon QUINTANA
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Program
Faculty of Engineering, University of La Salle (110131 Bogota, Colombia)

Arcesius Lizcano Peláez
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, University of Los Andes (Colombia)

In a pavement each layer structure undergoes under a vehicular load stress cycles with vertical, horizontal and shear components. For the study of untreated granular materials (used to form layers of base and subbase), most of the investigations are performed using cyclic triaxial equipment where only the vertical load is cyclical and confining pressure remains constant during the test.

An essay that best reproduces how the efforts are distributed in these layers is the cyclic triaxial test variable pressure confinement. In this assay can be modeled cyclical components both vertically and horizontally. Although they are different tests, pavement engineering supposed to answer experiencing these materials in these trials it is similar. In the present investigation it was designed and developed an experimental program to compare the behavior that develops a granular material untreated in these trials.

The results evidenced that only some effort paths, the direction and the vertical and accumulation of volumetric deformation is similar. Further experimental results were simulated using an extended version of the Hypoplastic constitutive equation. Simulations demonstrate the wide ability of the Hypoplastic equation to reproduce the behavior that the granular material undergoes in the cyclic tests.

Keywords: Granular material, triaxial test, Hipoplasticidad, Base; Sub-base, Confinement, cyclic test.

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