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The road as a multifunctional project in the environment

SPANISH Ignacio Echaniz
Profesor Titular de Universidad
Polytechnic University of Madrid (28040 Madrid)

This article presents the idea of ​​the road as an infrastructure that serves multiple functions at the same time, some related to their service traffic and others that have to do with the way it becomes part of the environmental processes. To do this, first raised the concept of "multifunctionality", an idea that faces the traditional view of the unique function of the road.

Then, flexibility is revised to a road project has as to meet their different needs including the demand for environmental integration. this vision is completed with the approach of certain road projects that are of mixed character and in their initial proposals, ie, they serve traffic and other functions from conception.

Then how is how a road participates in environmental processes and how their design can promote compatibility with the environment or its imposition on it. Finally, it considers how you can treat this multifunctionality of the road at every level of decision-making, in planning, in defining the layout and design of the project to introduce some brief conclusions.

Keywords: Environment, Environment, Multifunctionality, Project, Planning, Traffic.

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