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Investigation and classification of silent concrete pavements

Manfred HAIDER
Austrian Institute of Technology (Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT)
Department of Transportation (Austria)

In Austria, the generation of noise by concrete pavements has been the subject of extensive research in recent years. This is due to the abundance of this type of flooring on the main road network and the long Austrian tradition of implementing concrete pavements with exposed aggregate finish (EACC).

The author of this article has participated in several Austrian research projects on the parameters that affect the generation of noise in concrete pavements and long-term behavior and values ​​used in computer models that simulate the propagation of noise , which they are also important for planning mitigation measures. The article also based on experimental work and analyzes developed by AIT and other entities in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Research Institute of the Cement Industry.

The results show the importance of careful workmanship and a suitable surface treatment in the case of EACC for quiet pavement and maintain these properties over time. The article shows both scientific knowledge gained from research as a possible future strategy, which would reduce noise emissions by classifying concrete pavements.

Keywords: Concrete, pavement, concrete pavement, silent pavement, Noise, Barren seen, sound classification.

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