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Study waxes modified binders using rheological and calorimetric techniques

Head of Laboratory (Quality, R & D + i). Ditecpesa, SA
Head of the Fenix ​​Project activity 7
(28806 Alcalá de Henares)

Waxy additives are used for manufacturing semi-hot temperatures mixtures reducing manufacturing of asphalt mixtures because they reduce the viscosity of the binder at high temperatures, without compromising the mechanical properties service temperatures.

This paper has studied binders modified with different types of waxes, relating information obtained from colorimetric assays (by DSC / MDSC technique) with rheological tests (using DSR technique). These techniques are not usually employed to study properties such as stability and aging of bituminous binders. Therefore in this paper it is to present a new approach for evaluating properties of modified bitumens waxes, which could be extrapolated to binders modified with additives of different nature.

Keywords: Cera, viscosity, mixing semi-hot, Calorimetry, Rheology, MDSC, DSR, modified binder, Fischer-Tropsch wax, wax fatty acid amide, wax Slack, polyethylene wax.

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