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Application of GNSS technology to electronic tolling. Results in the Dutch model

Sara Gutiérrez
Coordinator of the Engineering Division and Navigation Applications
GMV (28760 Madrid)

Joaquín Cosmen
Advisor to the Director General
GMV (28760 Madrid)

Electronic toll systems are a reality in Europe and is expected to spread to the implementation of national collection systems both in its funding mechanism as a mechanism to reduce congestion and improve the environment.

The European Directive 2004 / 52 / EC select DSRC and GNSS technologies for the implementation of future European systems. Although the selection of the optimum technology is highly dependent on the nature of the system you want to implement, it seems clear that for national systems in countries like Spain GNSS technology has substantial advantages mainly due to its lower cost of deployment and flexibility.

While countries like Germany and Slovakia have already implemented national systems based on that GNSS technology, it is important to understand that these are still of a restrictive nature and therefore, the introduction of a generic system as envisaged in the Netherlands and could serve as a reference for other countries has not yet been possible. The GINA project developed and operated an electronic toll system based on the requirements of the Dutch system and demonstrated the capabilities of such technology and the achievable performance.

Keywords: Toll, Pay per use, electronic tolling, Satellite technology, GNSS.

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