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The toll for trucks in Germany

Stefan Gerwens
Manager Pro Mobilitaet
Verkehrsinfrastruktur fuer Initiative eV
(10117 Berlin, Germany)

In Germany, road pricing began to be a policy from 1990 issue. two projects of urban tunnels financed by tolls were developed, and 1995 was introduced on state highways a bullet for time for heavy trucks, which 2005 was replaced with an electronic toll system for trucks based on the distance traveled on the same network. The toll system has worked steadily since its inception and has contributed to the modernization of the fleet through differential charges according to environmental standards.

The introduction of the toll was an opportunity for comprehensive reform of national roads, but it remained in the making. Political promises to increase investment were not met. Thus, industry and car clubs were no longer willing to support funding of national roads through a toll for all vehicles. The political sphere began to understand that I should correct the mistakes made in the implementation of toll and act reliably whether the introduction of tolls for all vehicles should contribute to adequately finance German roads.

Keywords: Freight transport, Toll, Pay per use, heavy vehicle, Truck, Germany, HGV.

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