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New trends in infrastructure management

Federico C. Fernández Alonso
ADG Traffic Management and Mobility
General direction of traffic

Enrique Belda Esplugues
Circulation Assistant Deputy Director General and
Professor of the School of Civil Engineering,
Channels and Ports, Polytechnic University of Valencia
General direction of traffic

The road mobility supports a very high total mobility rate, the road remains the only transport able to meet any type of demand, but the current framework requires direct efforts towards the optimization of existing infrastructure and the need for further management proposals.

The "Pay Per Use" can consolidate those proposals as a new management model. Charging for infrastructure use is an increasingly common practice in the European Union. The purpose of these charging schemes is to finance priority infrastructure, achieving balanced and sustainable development of transport networks; although when it is not possible to increase the capacity of the same, charging it may also help optimize traffic. In these charging systems the rates may be modulated to take account of the environmental impact or congestion risks for example.

Thus the "Pay Per Use" is presented as a new alternative to the management models of the Spanish road infrastructure and also as a challenge to technological, economic, logistical and social level, at this point the question is, Are we prepared for meet the challenge?

KeywordsTransportation, Mobility, Sustainable mobility, Pay per use, Management, External cost, Financing.

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