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Infrastructure charging and internalisation of external costs

José Manuel Pardo Vegezzi
Technical secretary
Association of International Road Transport (ASTIC)
(28003 Madrid)

Luisa Lopez Leza
General Secretary
Association of International Road Transport (ASTIC)
(28003 Madrid)

Over the past years 20 transport policy in the European Union has been aimed at the internalisation of external costs caused by road transport. The real goal has always been to get support for the transfer of traffic to rail, much older aim going back to the nineteenth century.

Infrastructure charging has been applied increasingly by higher amounts and expand its field of action to ecological tax type. However only it imposes some road users: transport companies heavy goods vehicles, and no mechanisms have been provided for other means of transportation road competition.

A study of the financial effects shows that the imposition of these levies central countries with little international activity of transport companies benefit, to the detriment of peripheral countries with high international activity of its transport companies, like ours.

Keywords: Toll, Pay per use, Transportation, Cargo transport, External cost, transportation of goods, Tarifa, Eurovignette.

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