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Defining the risk of suffering a fatal accident of the different profiles within the collective drivers motorist

Mario Nombela
Project Manager
Passive safety
IDIADA Applus +
(43710 Santa Oliva, Tarragona)

The risk to accidents usually defined considering only the frequency of use that the users of the infrastructure. This information does not distinguish within different groups by their characteristics (age, sex, type of motorcycle, ...), so the data available does not allow exposure to define effective measures in a particular way.

The objective of this project done for the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic, Ministry of Interior of Spain) was to define a methodology to determine the risk of different groups to suffer a fatal accident according to their exposure. the group of motorcyclists was studied, classifying in groups considering the characteristics of the driver and the type of motorcycle driving. This classification groups identified within the global motorcycle at higher risk to suffer a fatal accident than others, and therefore allows preventive measures created ad hoc for each group.

For this study a complete database was created, incorporating data from the DGT fatalities with average mileage data by each group. In turn he defined and IREX index (Index Risk Exposure function) of each collective group was calculated.

Keywords: Accident; Motorcycle; Mortality; Exposition; Risk; Mileage, Safety, Traffic, Vehicle.

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