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technological development of a new moderator of traffic: Speed ​​Kidney

Alfredo García García
Professor of Highway Engineering
Polytechnic University of Valencia
(46022 Valencia)

Mario A. Romero
Purdue University
(47907 Indiana, USA)

Tsui Ana Moreno Chou
Polytechnic University of Valencia
(46022 Valencia)  

More than 50% of accidents in Spain takes place on urban roads and crossings, traffic calming being a measure to improve road safety commonly applied in these pathways. However, sometimes the benefits of its implementation are overshadowed by some adverse effects. The Research Group Highway Engineering (GIIC) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) has invented and designed a new moderator device that gets, in addition to moderate the speed of traffic, minimize the inconvenience to vehicle occupants, noise in the environment, mechanical breakdowns suffered by the vehicles and delays to public transport vehicles or emergency.

In the article the new moderation system, called "Speed ​​Kidney", their geometrical characteristics, construction process, technological development, the results of experimentation and implementation criteria described.

Keywords: Traffic calming, Road safety, Speed.

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