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Study aditivados contact angle of bitumen and its effect on different mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures

Head of Laboratory (Quality, R & D + i). Ditecpesa, SA
Head of the Fenix ​​Project activity 7
(28806 Alcalá de Henares)

Research and Development Engineer
Research Center Rhone-Alpes, France ARKEMA
(69493 Pierre-Benite, France)

University of Cantabria (GITECO)
(39005 Santander)

Reducing the working temperatures of the agglomerate results in a decrease of the energy consumed in the process and thus reduce the emissions. So are mixtures of high interest as long as not affected the performance of the firm built.

One of the mechanisms used to reduce these temperatures is the use of surfactants such additives. These additives minimize the aggregate-bitumen surface tension and therefore the energy necessary to form this interface. One way of evaluating the surface tension of a liquid is by measuring the contact angle formed between the solid surface and the liquid.

This study has tried to link measures contact angles with subsequent tests on asphalt mixtures. This has been studied bitumens to which have been added various additives which affect the surface tension of bitumen.

Keywords: Bitumen, Binder, Contact angle, Surface tension, Surfactant, Compaction Energy, semi-hot mix, asphalt mix, asphalt mix.

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