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Auscultation of horizontal and vertical signage

Fernando Sanchez Dominguez
Technical Director of Euroconsult Group (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid)
Jose Antonio Ramos García
Director of Euroconsult New Technologies (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid)

In this document the importance of signaling traffic safety is exposed and how to ensure proper operating state of the elements that compose it. Both horizontal and for vertical signaling, we present what are the main parameters evaluated, so as to ensure the visibility of road markings, signs, panels and posters, especially in night conditions. some items are treated, such as luminance and coefficient of retroreflection, that will understand the complexity of the measurement of these elements dynamically.

Against the specific equipment, measuring the optical properties under static conditions (portable retrorreflectómetros), the dynamic auscultation systems high performance currently in use are described. These dynamic systems can be used in managing signaling in road networks, making replenishment strategies signal or refinish more effective road markings.

Auscultation, Signalling, Road safety, Vertical signs, horizontal signage, retroreflection Conservation, Night Visibility.

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