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Deflections variation with changes in humidity

Civil Engineer (Madrid)

In the firm there are two types of materials whose modulus of elasticity, and therefore structural capacity, they vary with the climate in the road. Thus the layers of asphalt mixture are sensitive to the temperature in the layer. Also the granular layers have better structural behavior when dry than when wet, and the variation depending on the type of granular layer and the amount of moisture, water, existing.

Water can access the firm, or rather its lower layers, mainly in three different ways:

  • Water from rain seeping through the firm and the land,

  • The rising water by capillarity from groundwater, and

  • The water entering laterally from groundwater.

The problem is severely complicated by not being able to measure the direct cause of the problem, ie the moisture content of the granular layers, contrary to what happens with the temperature of the layers of asphalt mix, which itself can be measured temperature quickly and directly even surface. Given this impossibility, here we have to resort to measuring another parameter that we can facilitate indirectly the soil moisture.

The chosen parameter is the water fallen in previous days. It is assumed that depending on how the water drop can be deduced, in a sufficiently approximate the moisture content of the granular layers of the firm.

In the above article are analyzed and give ideas on how you can improve the correction of deflections with moisture.

Deflection, Structural capacity, Firm, elasticity module, Humidity, Auscultation.


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