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The curviámetro for measuring deflections

Jose Antonio Ramos García
Director of Euroconsult New Technologies (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid)
Fernando Sanchez Dominguez
Technical Director of Euroconsult Group (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid)

In this paper the main features of curviámetro equipment and its measuring system for obtaining the bowl produced deflections on the pavement to the passage of a given load are exposed. the different fields of application equipment, among which their suitability for road network management, thanks to systematic auscultation and with a high resolution (each measuring point 1 5 m) are presented. standardization and correction of measurements, techniques of statistical processing of data, the usual presentation of the results and their subsequent evaluation are presented, reviewing different interpretation methods of the deflections for defining the status of the firm networking and timely rehabilitation actions in each case be mentioned in addition to the international projection of the team, which has grown in recent years at various European and American countries extending their use.

Auscultation, Deflection, Curviámetro, support capacity, structural Section, Tramificación,
homogeneous area, firm management, Road network, Rehabilitation, Conservation, Analytical sizing.

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