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Assessment of airport pavements

Pedro Pablo Carrasco Rodriguez
Head of the Department of Pavements
Infrastructure Steering, Aena Aeropuertos, SA (Madrid)

This article reviews the assessment of characteristic parameters of airport pavements from practice and experience gained at Spanish airports. After explaining the concept of pavement used in airports, work is divided into three major sections, respectively relative to structural assessments, to surface type, and visual inspections and determination of the PCI, the index that qualifies the state of the pavement.

Within the first equipment used are described, the procedures for determining the PCN (Pavement Classification Number) are exposed and, finally, the operation of aircraft is studied based on the resistance of pavements. In addition, a reference to conventional evaluations conducted from witnesses, boreholes or test pits is made.

The section is superficial assessment measures and equipment, or test methods, the coefficient of friction, texture, and regularity, with a description, in the latter case, the specific index airports. The sections of both assessments are completed with conclusions. As for the third type of assessment, denominated pavement status, visual inspections are carried out in the fields flight of airports based on a catalog of deteriorations, which serve to determine the PCI are discussed. Finally the article with a general conclusions section is closed.

Auscultation, airport pavement, Structural assessment, surface assessment, Friction, Texture, Regularity, Deflection.

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