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Bituminous layers rolling and sliding resistance

Jorge Arnaiz
Aurelio Ruiz
Intevia SA

Susana Luzuriaga
Jose Antonio Navarro
Road Maintenance Service and Innovation. Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

The article analyzes the behavior of asphalt taxiways against slip resistance, assessed by the CRT index, for it has developed a research project for two years based primarily on conducting quarterly auscultation campaigns on pavements 39 preset sections. We have studied eight different bituminous materials employed in the layers of tread: type D, type M, type gradings draining PA continuous and discontinuous type S F and GF cold mixtures, bituminous slurries and surface treatments.

To carry out these works were set the following objectives:

  • Study of the evolution of slip resistance, obtaining a relationship between the CRT value over time and the traffic borne by the road surface.

  • Study of the seasonal variation of slip resistance obtaining a curve of evolution of the measured value of CRT throughout the year.

Finally, we have obtained the International Friction Index IFI from the results obtained in the investigation, carrying out a classification of the different firm studied.

Auscultation, Sliding, Texture, Wearing course, Bituminous mixture, Road safety, Bituminous taxiing, International Friction Index IFI.

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