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Auscultation of roads in the current technological concept

Leonardo BENATOV VEGA   
CEO of the Euroconsult Group
Euroconsult, SA (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid)

Auscultation is a powerful tool for the proper management of infrastructures; both during the construction and in the exploitation phase, having a detailed information on the real state in which they are located, allows to optimize resources thanks to the adequate decision making based on an adequate information. This is possible due to the high performance and the precision of current equipment and systems that allow obtaining a large number of data in a short time with absolute certainty. In this way we have been able to develop new management models such as conservation contracts by indicators that allow us to objectify the correct conservation and exploitation of an infrastructure, something in which our country acquired a leadership position some years ago that it should not lose. 

Auscultation, Preventive auscultation, Systematic auscultation, Project Control work, Preventive conservation, Indicator, Decision-making, Data.

Asociación Española de la Carretera
Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
Tel .: (34) 91 5779972
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