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Spanish navigators in the Pacific Ocean, Luis Jiménez Laorden

Spanish in the Pacific Ocean, Luis Jiménez Laorden, 2ª CORRECTED and expanded edition Navegantes

Format: BOOK
Spanish Language
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Just see the light the second edition of the book Spanish navigators in the Pacific Ocean, Laorden Luis Jimenez. This extensive work on the sea Nunez de Balboa discovered in 1513 and travelers who crossed its waters has received the seal of the Mark Spain, and taking this important concession, has published a revised and expanded reissue.

Luis Laorden, engineer of roads, canals and ports and former professor at California Polytechnic University in the United States, this volume provides a document of great historical value: a complete view of the presence of Spain in the great Pacific Ocean. The work covers the time from discovery of Vasco Nunez de Balboa until the end of the war with the United States in 1899.

Geographically, it reaches the entire Pacific Ocean, from America to Asia, and from the Arctic to Antarctica. With this book the reader has at his disposal a story that is not limited to isolated episodes, but that contemplates the totality of history and explains the relations between the facts and the political reasons in each moment. 


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