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Atlas of Hispanic Caminería

Atlas of Hispanic Caminería

Volume I: Peninsular and Mediterranean Road 
Volume II: Hispanic Caminería in the New World

Format: Book (two volumes). 
Spanish Language. 
PVP: € 120. 
PV Members: € 90  

Directed by Manuel Criado de Val, this magnum opus of the Hispanic road travels through 800 more pages of 130 old routes in which literature, history, art and geography are united in the evolution of the great communication routes. All this developed by a hundred experts of recognized prestige in this field. 

This atlas is made up of two volumes: Peninsular and Mediterranean Road and Hispanic Road in the New World. In this way we travel from the beginnings of the Roman Empire and its great development of roads throughout the Hispanic territory until the conquest of America and the subsequent years of independence. 

With careful editing to the smallest detail, the Atlas of Hispanic Caminería is imposed as a text of great interest to both the scholar and historian for the fans to this matter.


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