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Technical library

After more than six decades of existence, the Spanish Road Association has collected numerous technical documents, manuals, rules and books of all kinds on the road sector. A documentary heritage that is under review and ongoing management and is a user-friendly library available to all its members.

See the documentary of the AEC here

Historical library

In the Spanish Road Association we believe that recovering the past is a way to build the future, and therefore, for years we have been mustering few maps and old books on engineering, roads or communication systems have been recovered. In auctions, bookstores and fairs. The aim has been to keep these volumes end up as beautiful sheets of recycled paper, or simply falling into oblivion. And of course, get our hands on that piece of history that also belongs to us. It's particularly our emotional treasure. And with him we have built a library of historical texts to make it a shared treasure with all our partners.

The collection, still nascent but significant, is composed of more than 200 documents, including maps treaties engineering journals, memoirs of public works, logbooks and History.

See the historical library funds of the AEC here

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