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The Secretary General for Infrastructure of MITMA inaugurates the 31st Road Week in Madrid

The Secretary General of Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), Sergio Vázquez Torrón, has presided this Wednesday, November 10, the inauguration of the 31st Road Week.

In his speech, Váquez Torrón has tried to clarify what is the purpose of the implementation of payment for use on the roads planned by the Government for next year. "The pricing approaches, he pointed out, aim not only to finance conservation but also and above all to change the vision of road management, its planning and operation." In this way, the Secretary General for Infrastructures marked the path of what will be the Ministry's proposal in the coming months.

The Secretary General for Infrastructure was accompanied at the inauguration by Borja Carabante Muntada, Delegate of the Government Area for the Environment and Mobility of the Madrid City Council; Jorge Ordás Alonso, Deputy Director General for Mobility and Technology Management of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), and by the President of the Spanish Highway Association (AEC), Juan Francisco Lazcano Acedo.

Sergio Vázquez, Secretary General
of Infrastructures of the Mitma.

Jacobo Díaz, Director General of the AEC. Center,

Juan F. Lazcano, President of the AEC.

Inauguration of the 31st Road Week.

Borja Carabante, Delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area of ​​the Madrid City Council.

Jorge Ordás, Deputy Director General of Mobility and Technology Management of the DGT.

Highway Week is one of the oldest meetings on the Spanish congress scene. Organized since 1963 by the Spanish Road Association, it was held this year, entirely in person, under the motto “Ecological and digital transformation of roads. Horizons of a sector in metamorphosis ".

The President of the AEC explained in his opening speech the reason for this slogan, so appropriate to reflect and describe the moment that the sector is experiencing.

“Etymologically, the term metamorphosis refers to a transformation, a biological process that some living beings such as butterflies undergo. These are the paradigm of change. His life runs in continuous evolution, adapting to the different circumstances that his existence goes through ", Lazcano pointed out, to immediately add that" the road as physical infrastructure, but also as a sector, as an industry and as a fundamental element of the progress and well-being of our country, our cities and our most remote towns, is plunged into a great process of change ”.

For his part, Borja Carabante has made reference to the efforts being made by the City Council of the capital to reduce the pollution of its streets with its Low Emission Zones (ZBE) project. The Delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area assured that, at the moment, "traffic in the capital is above pre-pandemic levels at different points, however, public transport has not yet recovered." This phenomenon requires an extra effort to increase the attractiveness of all public transport modes and thus encourage their use by citizens.

Jorge Ordás also addressed the public at the inauguration, who expressed his satisfaction with the degree of collaboration achieved between different administrations for the achievement of certain projects. An aspect that he pointed out as fundamental to take that great evolutionary step that the road needs. Ordás also spoke about the Safe System, pointing out that "it is the roadmap set by the European Union and from the DGT we have been carrying out concrete actions in this direction" to help reduce road accidents.

The 31st Week of the Road is held these days in La Nave, Madrid. During its three days of work, the most ambitious projects for the humanization of streets in urban environments are being presented, highlighting the great project Madrid 360; and the lines of work to be implemented on the roads and crossings are being outlined from a perspective in which all users have a leading role.

All of this, highlighting the great efforts that road administrations and private companies have been making in order to minimize the ecological footprint of road mobility. Sono-reducing pavements, heated roads, electrification, environmental integration, minimization of emissions ... are some of the issues that are being addressed.

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