Spanish roads under examination. Online press conference, Tuesday, July 28, 11:00 a.m.

Results of the Report on Investment Needs in Road Conservation 2019-2020

After three months of fieldwork, in which a team of eight evaluators has traveled the Spanish roads taking data on their state of conservation, the Spanish Association of the Road (AEC) presents next Tuesday, July 28, the results of its Conservation Investment Needs Report 2019-2020.

The study - which has been carried out since 1985 - notes the state of the road networks and quantifies the replacement needs of their most significant elements: firm, vertical and horizontal signs, safety barriers and beacons.

The AEC technicians have traveled, examined and qualified some 3.000 sections of road, 100 meters each, randomly selected both in the State Highway Network and in the Network dependent on the Autonomous Communities and Provincial Councils.

In total, 3 million square meters of pavement, 3.000 vertical code signs, 900 kilometers of road markings, 200 kilometers of metal barriers and 20.000 beaconing elements have been inspected.

During the presentation of the report, on the one hand, comparative data and evolution of the last years will be offered, and, on the other, the minimum investment that, according to the study, it would be necessary to undertake in the networks studied - state, regional and regional - so that they acquire an adequate state of conservation.

The work also includes a “Territorial State Indicator” or weighted average between the state network and the autonomous network, which offers a comparison of the situation of the roads that run through the different regions of the country.

In this act will appear:

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For more information: Marta Rodrigo (637510405).

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