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South Korean engineers visit the ACS to deepen our road management model

The Spanish Road Association (AEC) has received this morning at its offices a delegation of engineers from the South Korean Road Administration Department.

The group, made up of six technicians from the Yeongdeungpo district in Seoul, has traveled to Spain to see first hand our road infrastructure.

In this regard, the South Korean delegation requested a meeting with those responsible for the ACS as a reference entity in this sector, showing their interest in knowing the details of our road management model and, in particular, of road maintenance.

The Director General of the ACS, Jacobo Díaz Pineda, welcomed the delegation, headed by Byunggab Kim, Supervisor of the Department of Maintenance and Road Administration of the Seoul district of Yeongdeungpo, located southwest of the South Korean capital with a nearby population to the 300.000 inhabitants. Subsequently, Enrique Miralles, Technical Director of the Association, has made an exposition of some study methodologies such as the visual inspection of the state of conservation of the roads or the analysis of the net worth of the network.

Meanwhile, Francisco García, Technical Director of the Association of Infrastructure Conservation and Exploitation Companies (ACEX), also present at the meeting, has introduced them to the details of road conservation management in Spain.

After these interventions, all the participants in the meeting have been able to clarify doubts and exchange opinions and experiences that have enriched both parties.

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