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Medals of Honor Highway meet 50 years

Half a century ago, back in 1966, the Spanish Road Association instituted their Medals of Honor, some awards in these five decades have acquired considerable prestige, not so much per se as those who have been creditors of this time.

From senior representatives of the state and its institutions, with accredited employers, even members of the bodies and security forces (Guardia Civil, regional and local police), doctors, volunteers from NGOs such as Spanish Red Cross, through navvies, civil engineers , administrative, ambulance drivers, journalists, ministers, lawyers, politicians and so on.

All of them, their effort, courage, dedication and passion in the performance of their duties, each in its area of ​​responsibility, awarded the Medal of Honor Highway relevance and visibility enjoyed today.

 The Spanish Road Association welcomes their medals are in the hands of individuals and institutions through which our road network is now one of the best and highest quality in the world.

Fifty Years of History in which thousands of them are summarized, with the common denominator of love towards the roads.



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