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The Caminería Hispanic in his great crossroads, Cádiz

The Caminería Hispanic in his great crossroads, CádizThe highway will have its great international appointment between June 16 and 20 in Cádiz, where the IX International Congress of Hispanic Highway will be held. The biannual meeting, created in 1992, has the collaboration of the Spanish Road Association (AEC) since its fourth edition, as well as this one, in which its Vice President, Luis Laorden, will begin the plenary session on the first afternoon with the presentation Walkers and roads in the Spanish North American West.

Meanwhile, among the signatories of the call contained the Director General of the ACS, Jacobo Diaz Pineda.

Congress organized by the International Association of Roads and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Cádiz will attend nearly a hundred speakers, from South America, the United States and Europe, and whose official presentation will take place three days before the Superior Council Madrid Scientific Research.

Indeed its geographical location makes the most conducive to Cadiz this symposium place as it is the meeting point of two major routes. On the one hand, the system of roads that from Rome comes to the shores of the Atlantic and on the other, that of the Royal Roads Hispanic and later also to the Indies Royal Roads.

Thus, in the IX Congress of the study is extended Roman roads, the correlation between Lisbon Portuguese Route to India and the Spanish route between Madrid and Manila. His comparative study comprised the fundamental route between East and West maintained over more than two centuries. On the other hand, they maintained and extended traditional agendas, ie physical Caminería, Caminería historical, literary and tourist Caminería Caminería. However, the study of the Roman roads of Andalusia expands and the significance of Cadiz in the Hispanic Caminería stands.

As important development included the presentation of concrete projects Caminería, with exposure of its organization and purpose. It is also provided three roundtables: Roman roads and highways, the evolution of the Bay of Cadiz and the anniversary of the Constitution of 1812. All of them will be, by the planned construction of a monument to the Pillars of Hercules, main novelties of this Congress.

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