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Missed the IV National Journalism Award of the Spanish Road Association

Missed the IV National Journalism Award of the Spanish Road Association

A series published in El Mundo Andalusia and picked up a job in Transportation and Land Logistics, winners Edición'2002

Two other works, published in El Heraldo de Aragón and in the Super Caravanning & Cámping magazine, each receive Second Prize

Onda Cero Salamanca, with a report on the roads Salamanca, gets a Special Mention

Madrid, February 19 2003.- "Andalusia in Bus" is the title of the series of reports awarded the First Prize in the category of "Press General Information" of the Fourth Edition of the National Journalism Award of the Spanish Association of the Road (AEC). The authorship of this work, published in El Mundo Andalusia between the 6 and 10 2002 August days, corresponds to Luis Miguel Fuentes, a journalist who is credited with other awards such as Eduardo Mendicutti of 2001.

Throughout the five stories that make up his series, Luis Miguel Fuentes takes a bus tour through the main roads of Andalusia in which we reach the human side of this type of land communication routes; and it does retratándolas through the mosaic of people who pass through them. To do this, Fuentes proposes a trip on a means of transport at the crossroads of a huge variety of personalities, motivations, hopes and yearnings. Means of transport, after all, that, following the storyline of the author, brings us back to the original concept of the road as a means of communication between people and peoples of all kinds, above social classes and economic and cultural differences.

Moreover, within the category of "Specialized Press", the winner of the IV National Journalism Award of the ACS is Marcos Ruiz Fences. The job that has attended the event, "Towards road congestion ... and paying" was published in the journal Land Transport and Logistics in its November issue of 2002, and he performs an analysis of the near future of Spanish roads; some roads, as is evident in the story of Mark Ruiz, face numerous challenges with important consequences on the national economy, despite efforts made in recent years.

The jury, after analyzing almost 150 original, was adopted during a meeting yesterday at the headquarters of the Spanish Road Association.

The jury, chaired by the President of the ACS also Victor Montes, has been composed by renowned professionals within the national road sector and journalism world: Javier Belderrain, specializing in the field of Public Works Road and journalist; Tito Drago, Honorary President of the International Press Club; Antonio Garcia, Manager of Mapfre Road Safety Institute; Alejandro Fernández Pombo, President of the Press Association of Madrid; Manuel María Meseguer, Communications Director of EFE few weeks ago; Jesus Soria, Director of Traffic magazine, and Luis Togores, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the Universidad San Pablo CEU.

Jury members argued its opinion supporting it in both aspects of content and quality of journalistic technique. In his opinion, the selected works perfectly match the spirit that pursues this award, since they make an important contribution to the promotion of the road as a development of peoples, and as an exponent of freedom of movement of its citizens.

Due to the general quality of the contributions that have opted for the IV National Journalism Prize, the Jury proposed to award two Second Prize in the categories of "General Information Press" and "Specialized Press". In the first case, the second prize went to the work "Underground security. Somport tunnel, the safest eight and a half kilometers", published under a pseudonym by Jesús Monclús in El Heraldo de Aragón in June of last year. "Present and future of the network of networks: Las Carreteras", which appeared in the July issue of last year in the magazine Súper Caravaning & Camping, is the title of Fernando Cruz's work, which has been distinguished with an Accésit in the category of "Specialized press".

Finally, the jury of the Fourth Edition of the National Journalism Award granted an Honorable Mention out of competition for three professional Onda Cero Salamanca - Pilar Diaz, Diana Fernandez and Jose Antonio Ramos - for work issued last December at the that trace the fundamental keys of the present and the near future of the Salamanca road.

The categories "Students" and "Graphic Journalism" have been declared void.

The awards ceremony will be held on February 26 day, at 13'30 hours at the offices of the Spanish Road Association (C / Goya, 23 -. 3º Rt.). Be an act in which the members of the jury and the winners will be present, and the few who are invited media wishing to attend.

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