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The Spanish Road Association works with the Provincial Council of Alava in improving road safety

In collaboration with the Spanish Road Association is preparing a set of special measures for Ayala

The decrease in accidents on roads in Álava Provincial Council encourages its plans to boost road safety

Through population surveys opinion and support of citizens will be asked

Vitoria, February 27 2003.- According to the General Directorate of Traffic, Álava was the province with the best 2002 note of Spain in terms of decline in claims. Last year, the number of accidents on its road network one 35,7% reduction with respect to 2001, and the number of victims made it a 32,7%.

These results have encouraged the Álava Provincial Council to further enhance measures for the safety of road traffic had been developing in recent years. In this regard, he has launched, in collaboration with the Spanish Road Association (AEC), a Strategic Highway Safety Plan in Ayala Gang.

Since 1999 the Council has no statistics to assess the accident data in this region, however, between 1995 and 1999 an increase in accidents and casualties is observed.

In this period they occurred in accidents with victims Ayala 183, 23 of which were fatal. These figures, taken in absolute terms, not alarming. However, if the evolution of the accident during the said period is analyzed, it is observed that, in those five years, the death toll in traffic accidents has tripled.

All this has led to the County Council to implement a series of corrective measures in the Valle de Ayala construction of this variant of Amurrio in the A-625, conditioning and improvement of layout in several sections of the A-624; improved signage variant Llodio, and firm in the A-3634 in Llanteno; changes in the rotunda of the A-624 it passes through Artziniega, etc.

Now with the Plan designed to Ayala, the council intends to go further and further advance the security levels of their road infrastructure. The project, which affects 182 kilometers of roads of this area and its five municipalities -Amurrio, Ayala, Llodio and Okondo- Artxiniega involves two consecutive lines of action in time.

On the one hand, and this is the most innovative aspect of the program, the opinion of the inhabitants of the Gang on issues that affect traffic safety on the roads of Ayala, in order to have a precise knowledge be sought their preferences and concerns in this area.

On the other, taking as its starting point the information obtained in the first phase, studies and technical analysis on the road that are considered necessary for the achievement of its aims will be carried out, that is, enhance road safety levels of these roads.

The opinion of citizens

The Comprehensive Road Safety Plan for the Ayala Squad is presented under the slogan "The road, safer thanks to you", and stands out, above all, for the attention it pays to the opinion of the inhabitants of this Alava region. Their suggestions, ideas and comments are considered a fundamental part of the strategy, insofar as they offer the Public Administration responsible for road management in the area an accurate knowledge of the problems, demands and demands of those who use, of one or more another way, roads.

The Provincial Council believes that any measure adopted after a public consultation will not only be more entitled to get going, but also be more in line with social reality. To this end, it has made and tested a survey of the group of adults regardless of their status with regard to traffic: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, transportation professionals ...

The results from the merger of the two phases will be configured as the fundamental basis for the development of road safety policies that apply in the future in other areas of the historical territory of Alava.

concrete actions

The first part of the Strategic Road Safety Plan aims to know what they think the people of this territory on road safety: what are the gaps that they detect and how to improve, what are the problems that most concern are ...

To carry out surveys for the following channels:

  • Written. The questionnaire was distributed among school teachers associations, parents' associations, driving schools, and between companies or entities that integrate the group of professional drivers, such as taxi drivers and carriers of goods and passengers ...
  • In a specific website that was created for this purpose ( In it, the person concerned may declare its support for the initiative, responding to those aspects of road safety that trouble and collaborating with the response to the survey.
  • Via telephone. You can also participate by calling a free phone number will be operational purpose.
  • multimedia campaign. the participation of citizens through the press, publications and stations covered in these municipalities will be encouraged.

Moreover, and regarding the second phase of the Plan, the aspects that will focus on technical analysis are all related to infrastructure and equipment (plotting, strong, signage, barriers ... ), as well as the unique elements of roads (intersections, crossings, roundabouts, "humps" ...); referred to them all from the suitability of its configuration and its adaptation to different users allowed on the same.

Infrastructure and traffic intensity

La Cuadrilla de Ayala has a road network of 182 kilometers of conventional roads. The hierarchy of routes is varied, from the core network to the network neighborhood, through the district and local network.

As traffic intensity, ie the number of vehicles passing a given stretch daily by a great heterogeneity observed. In the basic network they have been reported coming daily mean intensities (IMD) to 5.000 vehicles, although in some sections of the A-625, on its way through Llodio, the 10.000 vehicles per day are exceeded. In the local network, the average is reduced to the environment of vehicles 2.200, 1.500 just over the local network and 200 in the case of the local network.

Table 1: Traffic on the road networks of the Cuadrilla de Ayala (2000-2001)


ADT (Average Daily Traffic)

light vehicles

heavy vehicles

% Heavy vehicles

Basic network





regional network





Local network





local network





2 Table: Comparison of average rates of risk and mortality in Ayala in the period 1995-1999



Mortality Rates

Cuadrilla de Ayala



Provincial Council of Alava



State Highway Network



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