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The Andaluz III Road Congress analyzes the second largest road network in Spain

It takes place between the 7 and 10 October in Sevilla

Madrid, August 8 2003.- By the Andalusia today run over 26.000 kilometers of roads. Of these, almost 10.000 belong to the Autonomic Network, Network 11.000 the Provincial Councils and just over 3.000 the State Network. Other 2.000 kilometers are dependent pathways or roads in other ministries or agencies.

This extensive road network, the second in length after Castilla y Leon, has undergone significant changes in recent years, especially following approval of the 8 / 2001 Andalusia Highway Act. Changes in their name, their classification and also on how to address its construction: environmental measures, road safety ...

Many of these aspects and others related to planning, financing or project, will be analyzed during the III Andalusian Road Congress (COAC), organized by the Spanish Road Association (AEC) to be held in Seville between the 7 and 10 October this year.

Prepared under the guidance of the Director of the Centre for Applied Techniques Studies Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works of the Ministry of Public Works, José Manuel Gálligo, general rapporteur of the meeting, the Technical Program of the same dedicated sessions and plenary to thresh key, current situation, problems and solutions for the management of the Andalusian roads.

The starting point of the Congress will put road planning and funding, with a debate involving regional network responsible for and representatives of the Ministry of Development and the Provincial Councils.

The design and construction firm, exploitation of roads and road safety focus the attention in subsequent sessions of the approximately 400 technicians, according to forecasts by the Organization, will attend the Seville meeting. In this sense, environmental difficulties to overcome the works occupy a leading place in the debate, with a conference on road design in environmentally sensitive areas, with references to iconic performances in Andalusia, as the A-381 Jerez- Los Barrios or the Guadix-Almería section of the a-92- and in-depth analysis of issues such as reuse and recycling of materials.

In road safety also it will look at "The road safety policy in Andalusia", during a session that will be chaired by the Deputy Director General of Road Safety Traffic Department.

"The role of road transport in a developing society" that gives title to the Congress slogan, also serve to put an end to it, transcending in this last section the regional and national levels with participation in the discussion of institutions European industry.

scientific and technical high-level forum
After holding its first two editions in Granada (1998) and Cadiz (2000), the Andalusian Road Congress has managed to become an important scientific and technical forum of the national road sector. Proof of this are the more than 150 free communications within the framework of the technical sessions of the meeting and structured in five different areas (planning, design, construction, operation and road safety), they will be presented during its third edition.

This important number of communications, contributing to complement the issues discussed in the plenary and discussion sessions, requires simultaneous presentations, which, in addition to streamlining the debate, allows participants to prepare its work program based on the issues that interest them.

A technical visit to the A-381 Jerez-Los Barrios, to learn firsthand the environmental impact corrective measures that have been developed in this work, and Expoviaria'2003 lounge, which will serve the participating companies and institutions as a showcase for showcase their latest achievements in road, they constitute the "practical side" of Congress.

The Andalusian Road Congress has the promotion of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Junta de Andalucía and the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX) Ministry of Public Works.

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